Our Approach

Most importantly, the work we do with our students and our teacher trainees has to be the best in the country, as far as we can measure it. Our work has to produce important ideas and practices that can travel and matter broadly. In this sense, Nippos Education is a research and development platform for long-term reform. We are part of education sector that educates millions of students.

Our inventions and interventions have to be compelling enough to matter, over time. If we succeed in this mindset – if we produce outcomes for students and teachers that shock the status quo and if we generate genuinely inventive solutions to important practical problems – then our work will matter over time.

Meet the Team

We're a sincere company with a straightforward vision. We believe that there is an amazing amount to be learned by working in a real world learning environment.

Vikas Soppin

Founder & CEO

He graduated from Karnataka University , with bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Post Graduate in Marketing Management.

Ashvini Sanjiv

Associate - New Initiatives

She is interested in learning more about evaluation of preschool program quality and issues in equity and access that impact teaching and learning.

Arun Patil

Associate - Consultant

He is interested in training and supervising sales staff while planning and implementing sales stategies.